MyBalanceNow portal has made so many lives simpler by allowing users to check their gift cards without having to visit the store in person. Gift cards are beneficial for both customers and big corporations. 


Users can easily track their account activity, transaction history, and availability of funds by visiting the official MyBalanceNow Portal. Users can also use the portal for changing a PIN or connecting with customer support. 

MyBalanceNow Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible that while using the portal, users might have some questions or queries. In this section, answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the portal is given:

What are the fees associated with my Card?

Users have to pay a one-time purchase fee while purchasing the card. There are no other charges or fees after the purchase of the card. 

Why is the merchant charging me for more than what I signed on my receipt?

Some purchases require a preauthorization. This is where the merchant sends during a transaction for a more significant amount than the acquisition. This generally occurs at the gasoline pump or a restaurant. Restaurants typically add 20% to the total to account for the tip. For example, a $50 purchase at a restaurant is usually sent by the restaurant as $60 as they need to permit for a tip. We are required to approve and hold funds based on the $60 until the merchant finalizes the transaction, which can take up to 7-10 days.

What if my Card is declined?

Your card might be declined because of a lack of funds. It is advisable to keep track of your balance. If you have sufficient funds on your card yet the card is declined, you should immediately contact the customer support team.

Does the Card expire?

The card is valid until the expiration date shown on the front of the card or until the balance reaches zero. The funds don’t expire. If your card is expired, you can request a replacement card at 1-800-698-4952 at no additional cost.