Terms and Conditions for Mastercard Gift Card

MyBalanceNow is used to access for checking the balance of Target Gift cards. Those who have registered themselves on the official portal can access their account by providing account credentials. 


As there are different types of Target Gift Cards, the terms and conditions for them are also different. The terms and conditions for using Mastercard Gift Card are as follows:

  • The card is activated as and when it is received. 
  • Users have to create their own PIN, as it won’t be provided with the card. 
  • Users are responsible for all the authorized transactions whether it’s done by them or by someone else using their card.
  • Users may not request an additional gift card for another user.
  • The maximum dollar value of the Gift Card is printed on the front side of the card packaging.
  • The card can be loaded one time from $20-$500, per calendar day.
  • For gift card purchases Minimum and maximum limits are restricted to the dollar value that has been loaded into the Gift Card Account. 
  • If users authorize a transaction and then fail to make the purchase of that item as planned, the approval may result in a hold for that amount of funds for up to thirty (30) days.
  • The card cannot be used for making transactions in foreign countries. 
  • You can cancel your card anytime you wish so. Users have to contact customer support to cancel their gift cards. 

In order to access the card and the MyBalanceNow portal, users have to agree to all the terms and conditions. Users are hereby asked that they go through the cardholder agreement for the detailed instructions on rules, regulations, terms, conditions, and privacy policy.