Rules and Regulations

MyBalanceNow is an amazing tool to check the balance on your Target Gift Card. It can be easily accessed by its registered users by simply visiting the official portal. Although, there are several rules and regulations which should be adhered to by all gift card users. The terms of rules and regulations for accessing the MyBalanceNow portal and the gift card is as follows:


  • Card Type: The card type is prepaid which is preloaded with funds, that can be used wherever Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted. 
  • Additional Funds: Users cannot add additional funds to their cards. Neither they can transfer their funds from one card to another unless the card is lost or stolen.
  • Limitations: Your card cannot be redeemed for its cash value, or for recurring payments such as subscriptions, memberships, monthly bills, etc.
  • Validity: The gift card is valid in the US, and District of Columbia Only. You can access your card until it runs out of funds or it is expired.
  • PIN: Users won’t be provided a PIN with the card. Although during their first transaction, they can use any four-digit as a PIN. Subsequent transactions should be done with that same PIN unless the user changes their PIN from the MyBalanceNow Portal. 
  • Fees: Users don’t have to pay any fees after purchase. Although a one-time activation fee will be charged from the user at the time of card purchase. 
  • Return/Refunds: If users are entitled to a refund from the merchants, then they will receive the amount as and when the merchant processes it. Target doesn’t control the processing of refunds.

In order to access the card and the MyBalanceNow portal, users have to agree to all the terms and conditions. Users are hereby asked that they go through the cardholder agreement for the detailed instructions on rules, regulations, terms, conditions, and privacy policy.